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Can you beat the patheticness of this Radley-Watlers/Kolobanov?

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Fu_Manchu_ #21 Posted 17 May 2018 - 08:37 PM

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View Postahredstealth, on 17 May 2018 - 12:49 PM, said:


Are you sure I'm  the one with my panties in a knot over this?


Check my stats and see how long it's been since military honor has effected me in any way at all.  You came back just to edit your post and defend it.  Someone seems quick on the defensive today.  Want to borrow the boy scout knot book for a bit?


Besides, I'm commando today.  I should have done laundry last night but instead decided to catch up on Lethal Weapon via Playstation Vue.  :shrug:


It's simply amusing to me because it's something that is constantly b*tched about on the forums, along with, in no particular order:


- Matchmaking

- Spare Parts

- Going Town on a Map

- How bad the player base is.


If we had a mod auto-deleting those topics, the forums would be down to soley people posting random screen shots of games they are proud of, a few videos of people playing random tanks, and prammo hate threads.

Take those away, and we're probably down to Blartch posting random comical updates on stuff/tanks, and OMK talking about killing entire teams in his Kenny.


I doubt you will find any posts where I complain about the things in the list. I have commented on the uselessness of MH, but I don't recall actually complaining about it. I think Trustin's effective player was deserved.


And I don't think I'm particularly proud of my 504 damage Kolobanov, but I posted that one too.

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