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Call for all players to demand that WG remove the Honor System

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TheFiend01 #21 Posted 08 July 2018 - 09:17 PM


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MH is a good idea but it falls apart in practical terms when someone’s opinion about gameplay, technique, or skill becomes acceptable evidence to impose penalties. It becomes a horrible idea when those penalties, which I would argue include the warning messages that  flash across the screen, of the player who has spent actual money for premiums within the game knowing that others, who are not supporting the business running the game with purchases, have any say at all about the style of play, etc.which trigger those warnings.


If there needs to be a mechanism for punishing behavior like foul language etc, then WOT ought to use its resource accordingly, even if it means that justice isn’t very swift, but in any case, it’s poor business practice to not only allow people who don’t buy your product to impact those who do. I would urge WOT to take a quick look at where the complaints come from to ensure those who contribute nothing to the WOT business model except the churn of server cycles and use of bandwidth, aren’t able to give people who are putting cash in WOTs pockets A reason to stop doing just that. If you absolutely have to keep MH, make it available to only those who pay to play. Make it part of the value proposition available to actual customers of the game/platform. The best thing wo7ld. E to remove it all together.

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