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An in depth explanation of that funny list of numbers in your tank's module screen.

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RommelTanker #1 Posted 29 June 2018 - 09:23 AM

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So, that big funny list of numbers on the right side of your screen when viewing modules. A lot of new players have no clue what half of any of it means, and many veteran players are in the dark as well. Let's fix that.


Section 1: Percentile statistics

These are the percentages of stats in the top right of your screen immediately after opening your module screen. Each stat is as such:

  1. Protection
  2. Firepower
  3. Shot Effectiveness
  4. Maneuverability

"Rommel, what do these funky percentages mean?"

These percentages list the basic characteristics of your tank; Protection is an indicator of how well your tank is armored, and how many hitpoints it has. This rating is generally higher among heavy tanks and lowest among light tanks. Firepower is how powerful your gun is. While the information regarding how firepower is calculated has yet to be revealed to this day, it's been noted by many that your firepower is increased drastically when your gun has a very high alpha damage to tier ratio (See: KV-2; gun: 152mm M-10). However, this trade off reduces the next stat: Shot effectiveness. As with Firepower, the exact calculations have yet to be revealed; however, shot effectiveness tends to go up with higher penetration coupled with high ROF and accuracy. It can be assumed that as such, Shot Effectiveness determines how good your vehicle is at dealing damage. Maneuverability is how well your vehicle can traverse, accelerate, its top speed, engine power, and power to weight ratio. The higher these stats are, the more mobile your tank is (See: Spahpanzer Ru 251). This percentage is lowest among heavies and some TDs, and highest among most lights.

Section 2: Protection; in-depth.

These are the in depth stats of your tank's armor and hitpoints.

Hitpoints are listed at the top, and armor is listed as a integer value with the thickness being in millimeters. Each tank has different armor for its turret and hull, and these value can vary across different parts of the tank. (See: JagdPanther 2; upper super structure armor: 150mm. Frontal hull: 100mm)

Section 3: Maneuverability; in-depth.

These are the in depth stats for your tank's mobility.

These list the stats in the following order:

  1. Weight (metric tons [1,000kg = 1 metric ton.])
  2. Engine Power (horsepower)
  3. Speed limit (kilometers per hour)
  4. Traverse speed (degrees per second)
  5. Turret traverse speed (only applies to vehicles with turrets[degrees per second])


Each stat is very straight forward. Weight affects ramming damage in tangent with speed and armor of the contact point of ramming. Engine power determines acceleration.

Section 4: Firepower; in-depth

These are the in-depth firepower stats. Dispersion is how accurate your gun is when fully aimed; rate of fire is how fast your gun reloads (to calculate reload; 60 divided by ROF [60 / 5 = 14sec])

They are listed like so:

  1. Standard shell damage
  2. Standard shell penetration (in millimeters)
  3. Rate of Fire (rounds per minute)
  4. Aiming time (in seconds)
  5. Dispersion at 100 meters (in meters)
  6. View range (in meters)

Things to note:

  • Standard shell damage and penetration refer to the basic armor piercing or high explosive shell that your gun fires and will not change regardless of the shell most loaded in the tank. It will only change if the gun is changed out with a different gun.
  • Aim time refers to the time it takes your gun to get to minimum dispersion after achieving full stop.

Section 5: Gun

These list specified gun stats.

  1. Rate of fire (rounds per minute)
  2. Average penetration, list in the format of:
  • APCR/HEAT/Premium AP/Japanese Premium AP/HESH
  1. Average damage (more commonly called alpha damage), listed in the format of:
  • APCR/HEAT/Premium AP/Japanese Premium AP/HESH
  1. Dispersion at 100 meters (in meters)
  2. Aiming time (in seconds)
  3. Weight of gun (in kilograms)

Section 6: Engine

In depth engine stats. Chance of fire indicates how likely your engine is to catch fire when damaged.

  1. Engine power (horsepower)
  2. Chance of fire on impact (xx%)
  3. Weight (in kilograms)

Section 7: Turret

Turret statistics (applies to turreted vehicles only). View range is the range at which you can spot enemy vehicles.

  1. Armor (in millimeters[front/side/rear])
  2. Turret traverse speed (degrees per second)
  3. View range (in meters)
  4. Weight (in kilograms)

Section 8: Suspension

Suspension statistics. These stats are outdated and useless in the current iteration of World of Tanks Blitz, as load limit is impossible to exceed.

  1. Load limit (in metric tons)
  2. Traverse speed (in degrees per second)
  3. Weight (in kilograms)



Hope this helped everyone!

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edmcdermott #2 Posted 29 June 2018 - 01:22 PM

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Lol love how it still says load limit :( I miss when equipment affected our horsepower to ton ratio 

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