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STAR-SPANGLED JULY - Detailed Datas & Advices

event economics datas review

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infernox78 #1 Posted 02 July 2018 - 05:05 PM


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Hey there !

My name is Infernox78, French CC for three years now ^^. English is not my main language so be gentle with me :P and pleeease let me know my mistakes or if you misunderstood something !

I'm here to give you guys a full review of the upcoming event, Star-Spangled July. We are going to go through a lot of numbers, so you guys could know exactly how to invest your time, if it's worth it, if you'll eventually have to invest gold etc. I've created a chart where you can see clearly what can you be expecting from this event ^^



I) The Event 

II) The Charts

III) My Advices



Let's begin first with a quick reminder of what are the rewards :B

Posted Image


• Period of time : from 4th to 14th of july, so that makes 10 days to complete your mission !

• Amount of Stars (needed to complete all stages) : 1150 stars


How do you get those stars ? Well, you get them by completing your first victory, when you can double the experience you make

And it's the only way !! So be prepared to play in your old tanks, the ones you've forgotten for ages, because they are gonna be useful !



You get 2 stars for a x2 first victory completion per vehicule

You get 5 stars for a x5 first victory completion per vehicule

You get additional star for each first victory completion in you have a premium account and 1 another if you play in a platoon !


So up to7 stars / first victory ! But wait, x5 you said ? Yes, you'll be granted x5 two times, first is from wednesday 4th to thursday 5th and the other one is from friday 13th to saturday 14h !


And remember a very important thing, x2 and x5 are available two times a day  !! And that will be very important !


II - The charts 


Let's go on to the charts now, i've taken into account these factors : 


1) Using Premium Account or not

2) Platooning or not

4) Playing for x2 

5) Playing during x5 period 

6) Maximum battle range / period 


Count the number of tanks above tier 5 you have, it will let you know the maximum battle range / period you can get !


Here are the abbreviations :


P/T : Platooning OR Premium 

P+T : Platooning AND Premium

X : No Platoon and No prem



The first line is the maximum battle range you can get

1) First chart : Stars Made during a x2 session period


Posted Image


2) Second chart : Stars Made during x5 session period


Posted Image


3) Third chart : Possible combinaisons :


• 20 sessions during the event : 4 x5 sessions and 16 x2 sessions


Premium + Platoon chart : 

Posted Image


Premium only or Platooning only chart : 

Posted Image


Non prem and non platooning : 

Posted Image

III - My Advices


1) Play smart : the x2 multiplier reload every 18 h and 6h on every servers and the hours change between countries so it's hard for me to give you precise advices, so try and play between periods. 

In most cases, the late night x2 period correspond to the same x2 period as the one the next morning, so you can keep skip late night play or morning plays if you know what i mean but not both !! 


2) ALWAYS PLATOON : The extra star you get is reaaaally important if you want to grind with minimum efforts ! And playing in a platoon certainly impacts your WinRate which is really important, the more wins the less time you'll have to invest !


3) Don't skip any tank below tier 5 ! Why not investing on some tier V too, they are quite cheap, they will be discounts too... that option deserves attention ^^



Thanks for your attention, this post is incomplete for now as it takes a long time to develop all this, i'll keep it updated throughout the next days but you can get some informations already !




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TikiTarr #2 Posted 02 July 2018 - 05:34 PM


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Thanks for the re-cap

__Crusader6__ #3 Posted 02 July 2018 - 09:29 PM


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Cool thx for the info.  

  It pays to have a large garage ;) 

Tank Hoarder: 356 tanks in Garage:  359/359 aced (AMX 30B, Mk1 and T49A repo),    wallet warrior.  Loyal M60 owner
I think 5.5 was good for the game - But I also want my Kenny OP nerfed


infernox78 #4 Posted 02 July 2018 - 09:37 PM


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View Post__Crusader6__, on 02 July 2018 - 09:29 PM, said:

Cool thx for the info.  

  It pays to have a large garage ;) 


Yess definitely, it allows you to maximize the income for longer gaming session !

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