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Basics: Vehicle Classes and All About Them

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raellgunawesum #1 Posted 06 July 2018 - 03:26 PM


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Different classes of vehicles have different strategies that go with them. Sometimes, in a class, there are exceptions, such as the T26E4 and the AMX 50 100. Some tanks may have different qualities that require them to be played differently. First, however, we will go over a detailed overview on each class and tips on how to use it. 


Light Tanks

The light tank is a fast mobile tank, which lacks armor and firepower. Its job is to scout and report enemy positions, as well as launch flanking attacks, and generally just harass the enemy and keep them on edge.



Weight-Well, its light. This gives light tank a physics advantage. Wargaming does acknowledge this as well. An extreme example of this is the AMX ELC Bis, its extremely low weight allowing it to access parts of the map no other tank can access. Light tanks can also use their speed to overcome obstacles slower tanks cannot.


Speed/Maneuverability-Its fast. Light tanks come in a variety of speeds, but the majority of them are fast, with the exception of a few tanks. Light tanks use their speed to move ahead of the main battle group. The maneuverability of light tanks combined with the speed they possess allow them to employ the "Circle of Death" tactic particularly well. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, the Circle of Death is where you run in a circle (duh) around the enemy, getting to their exposed flank, while moving too fast for their gun to lock in on you. Usually employed on Heavies and Tank Destroyers (TDs), and may be effective against Mediums, but only if your tank is fast and maneuverable enough (LTTB). 


​Camouflage-More specifically, camo values and characteristics. First, the camouflage you can purchase for your tank provides 3% extra of camo, compared to a TD's 4%. However, Light Tanks, I'm not sure, correct me if I'm wrong, have higher initial camo values without camo thatn TD's. **OPNION** WG should place a 5th statistic that shows the camo rating. Moving on, Light Tanks do not lower their camo values by moving, thus making them the hardest type of vehicle to spot.


Spotting- Light tanks have the best spotting of any vehicle in the game, able to spot enemies at long ranges. This fits in well with one of their roles, which is spotting. If you are the only light on your team, spot for them! But be careful, lest you get spotted and killed by a "Smart Stalintm " Guided Shell. Copyright rights to me! You will usually spot the enemies before they see you. When you spot the enemies, if there is a light or a fast med on the enemy team, run. Even better: If you can lure them right into your team. (I did that to an m48 Patton in my Leo PT A. He died really quickly)



Armor-Or rather the Light Tank's lack of it. Light tanks lack the armor needed to protect themselves from enemy shells. Thus, their main form of protection is their speed. If playing a light tank, when spotted out in the open, don't stop, or try to hull down, angle and other random *bloop*. Instead, put the pedal to the medal and MOVE IT! If you are going very fast,you will be hard to hit. (Besides, what are you gonna do with that armor?) Be very careful when the enemy team contains a derp tank. If the caliber of the gun is big enough, they could possibly penetrate your weak armor with an HE shell, resulting in heavy damage or even death. 


Low/Poor Firepower-Light tanks lack the bigger guns other classes of tanks possess. Thus,they are usually not good for frontal brawls, as 

1) You can't pen the enemy heavies or possibly mediums.(at least without difficulty)

2) Your armor sucks and you will get smashed to pieces in an instance.

As a result, use your maneuverability to access your enemies' weak flanks, and dump truckloads of damage on them with your fat firing cannons. Usually it's best to wait until they have fired and are reloading.


Exceptions-Remember the exceptions I mentioned earlier? Some light tank are light tanks, but are really slow and should never be played as a light tank. ***NOTE: Tier 1s and 2s are not included, cuz they're all light tanks (pretty much) and they are all slow and depressing.***

  1. AMX 38
  2. Valentine II
  3. AMX 40 (quack)
  4. Valentine I
  5. some slow tier 2 or 3 British Cruiser that I can't remember. (Cruiser mk.2 maybe?)


When playing exceptions, check the armor. If the armor is at least decent, play it as a heavy tank. If the armor is *bloop* then I really don't know. Play it as a heavy probably, seeing as to how you don't have another choice. Or you can snipe like a TD, since you do have decent to good camo. 


Medium Tanks

Medium tanks are the bridge between Heavies and Lights. They are all round good, meaning that they are able to do many things. There is also a lot of variety within the class as well. If your team lacks lights, you scout. If your team lacks heavies, you look at the enemy team composition: Do they have twice as many heavies as you have mediums? As a general rule of the thumb, if you have twice as many meds as your enemy has heavies, then it should be safe to brawl, but the choice largely depends on the situation and what map you are fighting on.




Medium tanks are well rounded, allowing them to do more things than any other class of vehicle. There are a lot of different types of tanks within the class as well, from the fast British cruisers, to the slower 'Murican meds, to the in-between Panthers.

  • If you are a med that can hit 60 km/h, then you play it more like a light tank, scout, annoy, flank,etc etc etc.
  • If you can hit between 50 and 60 km/h then you can do either and act as second line support, or reinforcements.
  • Finally, if you can't hit 50 km/h because your country's tank designers can't build a proper tank, then don't even try. Just play like a pocket heavy, or something like that. Keep in mind, that you shouldn't try to absorb hits, because you are not a proper heavy tank, since apparently the tank engineers couldn't figure out how to strap riot shields to a tank.




The strength of the medium is also its greatest weakness. In other words, it doesn't suck at anything, but it isn't great at it either. You can scout better than a heavy, you can brawl better than a light. But you can't scout better than a light or brawl better than a heavy. To accommodate for this, play to what your team needs. If they lack light tanks, then scout. If they lack heavies, then go and brawl, but avoid taking fire, because you're not a friken heavy.


Wow that was really short. Anyways, moving on!



Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks are the backbone of any team. While they may not be team carriers, then play a crucial role in the way a battle turns out. A well coordinated push by a few heavies at the right time could turn a losing battle into a winning one. But you must also keep your weaknesses in ind, as a quick flank by enemy lights could just as easily turn a winning battle into a losing one. 



Heavy Armor

Stronk Tank. Thicc Tank. Fat Tank. Yes, heavies may look like they are hardcore fast food eaters, but they aren't quite as weak! Your armor will basically eat up shells, and your tracks will shatter them. (Ok, fine maybe the shell will shatter your tracks, but that's not important) Play to your strengths! Sidescrape whenever you can, as this will help to reduce the amount of penetrations you receive. If your tracks get shattered, don't worry! This means you are doing it correctly. Your tracks act as spaced armor, and will severely reduce the effectiveness of incoming enemy shells. Brawl head on whenever you can, as you will usually knock out any other puny tank you come across.


BIG Guns

Heavies have some of the most powerful guns in the game, being only challenged by a few select meds, ie. T-44. and Tank Destroyers, which have just as powerful guns. If you are a heavy and you come across another tank, smash it in the face with a giant 122mm AP/HE/HEAT/APCR shell! Your gun has high pen, unless the tank designers were complete **** and chose to mount a tiny peashooter for some reason. 


High Health Pool

Heavies have the most health of any vehicle class in the game. Not only are they hard to damage in the first place, they can also take more hits than any other vehicle type, thus further boosting their survivability.



Slow Speed

While your heavies are a lot stronger than hardcore fast food eating Americans, that doesn't mean they have to be faster. Heavies are the slowest class, on average. AVERAGE. There are exceptions. Ie. AMX 50 100, AT2, AT8, AT7, etc.    This means you are vulnerable to being flanked by faster lights and meds, which is especially bad, as most heavies have all their armor concentrated in the front, with relatively poor protection on the sides. If you are flanked, you will usually die unless you are traveling with your team. Wait. You are a team player right? You're not a YOLO-er? Good. Then this applies to you.


Poor Camo

Heavy tanks have the absolute worse camo values in the game, which kinda sucks, because you will pretty much always be spotted. To avoid being peppered to death by your enemy's Airsoft guns of Doom, don't wander out into the open, as you usually will be spotted instantly. Since your spotting is pretty much (insert poop image here), you will find your self gunned down by invisible enemies you cannot see. Instead, stay behind building: they add more camo, making you harder to spot, flanking is a bit more difficult, and you won't get shot! What's not to like?


Well guys, and girls, (no adult discrimination here), hope you liked this guide and found it useful, make suggestion, etc etc etc, blah blah. Try to get some info from this, and if you want more in depth stuff, you MAY BE able to contact me at railgunawesome@gmail.com. Emphasis on MAY BE.


TD's are not in this because they are not even a freaking tank. I will write a separate article on them later. A few days later.


















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8/10 all nubs should read this

WoT blitz is better than WoT PC imho because no arty and +/- 1 mm.


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