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New 3D Model

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djhiz #1 Posted 09 July 2018 - 08:11 PM

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Hey guys, I haven't posted a brand new model in a while (since they've mostly been improvements on the same tank), so I thought I'd post my new Main Battle Tank model which would follow after the L-36A3 (120mm version of L-36) chronologically.


I made a new hull which is meant to resemble the hull of the AMX-40 to an extent, and first placed the turret of the L-36A3 onto it to resemble a sort of prototype stage (similar to the Leopard 2k) and called this tank the L-46A1. This new hull has slightly larger dimensions compared to the L-36, allowing composite armor protection. A better engine would also be included to compensate for the increased armor.




After that, I was wondering what to do about a proper late 70's-like MBT turret and I eventually settled on a hybrid Challenger 1/early Abrams style turret, as the front of the turret turned out a bit less steeply sloped as the Challenger 1's, which was my original inspiration. I also really liked the look of the British Mantlet-less turrets from the Chieftain on. The gun's laser rangefinder is now part of the turret, whereas earlier it was externally mounted as an upgrade to the L-36A2




This vehicle would include Chobham composite armor in both the turret and hull front and sides. The hull armor, while consisting of Chobham composite, would still be slightly weaker than average in order to allow for better turret armor suited for hull down tactics. The mobility would be comparable to the AMX-40, being somewhere in the middle of the pack and slightly above average (i.e. it's no Leopard 2...). The gun is the German L44 120mm smoothbore.


Here's the 3D model:





(I haven't been playing Blitz for a while, so that's why I haven't been on near as much. Stupid client issues...)

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Bronyman50 #2 Posted 09 July 2018 - 08:26 PM

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Looks interesting. If you like interesting designs I recommend looking at the Merkava tanks, and take a look at the M8 Thunderbolt 2

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