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Augustus_Sohn #1 Posted 10 July 2018 - 09:25 PM

    The rent-a-cop

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So I decided to play a bit again. I've been over at PC tanks, with a little Warships mixed in. The nullification of the tripe that was in 3.8 brought me back. I like the extra equipment, that was never my gripe, but the taking away of our equipment and then charging us to get it and a crap ton of others back really ticked me off. Oh well, life is short.


SO- a couple of suggestions:


PLATOON INDICATORS. I've been saying this along with a few other folks since the game was released. Please, with all the other stuff you've added, don't tell me this simple color can't be thrown in there. You've got it on PC, so...

Speaking of PC, I mostly play on my laptop now. BUT i've gotten used to my inverted revers on PC. If you back up and want to turn to the right, you turn right. ON Mobile Blitz it is the same way. Here on PC Blitz, however, for some reason backing up and turning right makes you go left. WHAT? Warships too. Drives me nuts. Could you please add an inverted reverse to PC Blitz? 





nino223 #2 Posted 11 July 2018 - 01:44 AM

    The Raven

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Welcome back!


I hope the timer & sparts reversal brings more OG people back.

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gtankbuster72 #3 Posted 11 July 2018 - 04:28 PM


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To Whom it may concern,

please adjust or fix the rare attachment that was recently added.  I find it hard to want to at least spend 4000k gold or more on an attachment to my tank.  i.e IS6, T62A.  I am, sure there are more attachments available for other tanks.  when this has no game benefit other than cosmetic value.  If you expect us to shell out that kind of real money or whatever at least make the attachment useful in terms of increasing some spec on tank.  you may find more folks willing to open those wallets if there is some benefit towards game play other than cosmetic.


just a thought, please consider



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