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View PostTonnerreCadien, on 13 July 2018 - 10:08 AM, said:


I'm too lazy to look this up, and I haven't played a Rated Battle in well over a year, but are all Rated Battles Supremacy? Why is that the default for tourneys and Rated Battles? Maybe this is beyond the scope of this thread, but is Supremacy even that popular? I do it for the missions; otherwise, I have it turned the [edited] off. I just don't like it - perhaps the thing I hate most about it is that I'll be in a light, I'll capture a bunch of bases, we're way ahead in points, and then my teammates don't seem to get the idea that now, staying alive is the key to victory. Nooooooo - they just have to expose themselves (that sounds weird, apologies) to try to shoot, and in the process get killed, so I watch our lead disappear. Drives me nuts.


Exactly why I hate supremacy.  I personally have no issues with the game mode (though I do hate that a lone tank can win against 7 others just by running around for 5 minutes), I can play it just fine.  The teammates however...different story.

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View PostASensationalAsian, on 27 July 2018 - 04:34 PM, said:

Anyone who drives a 183 please commit die.

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