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T71 - I'm addicted

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_Amblypigid #1 Posted 13 July 2018 - 10:43 PM

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Just picked this tank up on my way (hopefully) to the T57 heavy, and wow was I pleasantly surprised.


The playstyle is just so fun I can barely stop playing.


After 15 games (obviously not very many) I have 3808 purple points and an 86.67% winrate.


I used the x5 day and some free XP to get it fully upgraded, and golded the crew to 100% as soon as I got it. I am using 5 equipment slots (don't have enough $$ for the hitpoints buff yet)


So far I love everything about it except the gun depression (or lack of it) and obviously the armor; the speed and more importantly maneuverability is great, the gun is an absolute little viper, its really fast, it is small enough to have good camo and be tough to hit, and did I mention it has good mobility.

Hit and run is just so fun!!!


Best thing is that so far it hasn't struggled in Tier 8 games due to enough speed and camo to avoid the IS# spam and enough pen on the heat to get through their front in a pinch.


So far I haven't gotten hit by any 152's but assuming that doesn't happen I see no reason I won't continue enjoying this little devil.

WoT blitz is better than WoT PC imho because no arty and +/- 1 mm.


Jonny Applesauce

j0nn0 #2 Posted 13 July 2018 - 11:36 PM

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I never got into the swing of things with the t71 but I guess i just never got into the groove with it. I'd been annoyed with its initial grind (only top gun but 75% crew, base 3 equips post 3.8) and i kept getting distracted by other grinds. It being in league with a handful of other tier 7's ive played and gotten used to such as the SP, bulldog, and lttb, i guess the transition to a light tri-autoloader just didnt work for me.


From what i hear, the next tank is a bit of a letdown, but ive not played it yet myself. It was an entirely different story with the t54e1, however, and i loved that almost immediately (i ground it through the t49 so swapping from unreliable derp to a solid pew pew pew was interesting). With semi-reliable turret armor, usable gun-depression, and a clip that'll make isolated tanks want to watch their flank, the t54e1 makes for an efficient mid-range, mobile support. The clip's potential burst DPM and DPS can rip through exposed targets with ease, allowing for regular permatrack opportunities, too.

I may have a few too many tanks. I think I was over 150 in garage by last count.

TheMainframe #3 Posted 15 July 2018 - 11:38 PM

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I've been hit by an SU-152 in my T71; 1000 damage done, dead.


I agree that it is super fun to play. Not a beginner tank at all though! (The whole line, actually).

I love the ones that need it most.

DikkerDallas #4 Posted 18 July 2018 - 07:24 PM

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The T71 was my introduction to light tanks with an autoloader and learned a lot of very painful lessons on how to drive it properly.  After you're done with that tank, give the French lights line a look.  Starting at Tier 6, the Frenchies play much more similarly to the T71 than the T69, T54E1, or T57 Heavy.

JPMIV #5 Posted 19 July 2018 - 03:50 AM


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I like the T71 better than the AMX 13-75. The American tank feels lighter and more maneuverable making it easier to get out of tight spots I inevitably get into.


I also like it over the SP1C. The German is light on its feet but the two-shot clip and longer shot reload means I stick out too far too lang. Not the tank's fault but just not my style.

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