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Guide of Maus in english


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The Maus, one of the most famous tanks from WW2, is also one of the german crowns at tier X. Heavy, Huge, and menacing, is perhaps the only Super Heavy Tank at the game. With amazing armor, it seems like nothing can stands in it's way.

It has the worst pen on any heavy tank, only 246. The gun is a 12,8 cm that deals 460 dmg. Pretty nice for a tier X heavy tank. It has a rather bad aim time (the same as IS-7 and E-100). Its disperssion after firing is ok for the caliber. However the disperssion when turning the tank or the turret is one of the worst. And the worst part, it has the worst dpm of any Heavy tank, even the E-100. The maus gun is the worst at Tier X.

It's just amazing: hull armor is 200/185/160 and turret armor is 240/210/210. The front is really well angled, giving it the power to bounce a lot. At the front it has only 3 weaknes: 1. The lower plate, wich is a small square between the tracks (hard to hit) 2. The cheaks in the turret, at the middle they are flat, however you will need at least 260 to pen. And 3. Gold ammo, wich is the biggest problem, almost all tank that he meets can pen at least the lower plate with gold. However, if you sidescrape, the tank is pretty much a walking wall, nothing will ever pen it, making it the best Sidescraper in the game. After all, he is the only heavy tank that can sidescrape without using any wall,, at a certain angle, with nothing protecting the lower plate or the cheaks, the maus armor will still be so strong to take even the best premium shells. Also it's one of the best facehuggers. However, in order to be angle that well you must know how to angle it perfectly, so it's also one of the hardest tanks.

It has an ok engine and some nice ground resistances. However, since it weights over 188 tonnes, is no surprise to see that it's the slowlest heavy tank. This is a problem because many medium tanks and light tanks can flank the tank, and hit the side or rear armor. So the player must be very careful.

The maus is the best tank for holding an ennemy attack. He doesnt need to have the best gun or the best movility with that armor. Sidescraping he can bounce the ennemy's that are pushing, and he can try to return fire, but be careful, when you try to fire the turret armor is no longer effective, just like the E100 you must always keep it angled.
The Maus can also be an excellent assault heavy tank, and put some pressure on the ennemy team, since the tank can sidescrape at any time, it doesnt needs to find shelter. You can just go and when you feel that they are going to fire you, angle your tank. This Tactic however is very risky so be careful and first see where is all the ennemy team, to avoid flanking medium tanks.

Difficulty: Advanced
Gun: 0.5/5
Armor: 4.5/5
Movility: 1/5
Pros: Great armor, best sidescraper in the game (armor, armor, armor)
Weakness: worst gun, slow, easy to flank.

The maus doesnt needs the best gun in his tier or the best speed. With that amazing armor, it can just angle, Laugh and moving on. In a perfect sidescrape, not even the best gold shells can pen you. And you will get a Huge ammount of bounces in any battle. And a skilled player can still find use in that gun, or he even can avoid getting flanked. There isnt anything more scary than an skilled Maus.
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