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Guide od E100 in English


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Cafe17951 #1 Posted 27 August 2018 - 11:36 AM


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At tier X the E-100 is first seen by the new players as a walking wall with a gun that hits hard. It's first impression is so strong, that more often than you think new players reclaim that the tank is broken. However the E-100 is not that good as the players think it is. How good is it?



It's the only tier X heavy tank with a 150 mm gun. Wich seems amazing, except for it has one of the lowest dpm's off the game, only better than is7 and maus dpm's, also it's the most unaccurate gun, and worst disperssion. Even with it's 640 alpha damage, the gun is one of the worst at tier X



With a nice hull armor (200/120/150). The E-100 looks like thought nut to crack, the front armor is strong and well angled, the side armor  has extra spaced armor making HEAT shells useless. However, the low part of the frontal armor is flat, huge and weak, making it a huge weakspot. Also the turret seems strong (250/150/150) but it's frontal armor is really flat and the gun mantlet is tiny, so the turret is easily pen by all gold shells he can meet, EVEN TIER 9 GUNS (the picture shows E100's turret face a WZ-111 mod 1-4, a tier 9 heavy tank). So E-100 has the worst turret of any tier x heavy tank (autoloaders included). Still if the E100 know how to angle like in the picture, the armor can be amazing. The problem is that at any point he will need to fire, and an experienced player will wait for him to fire and then he will pen the turret like butter. 



With a top speed limit of 30 km/h and a really bad engine  The E-100 is one of the slowest tanks at tier X just after the maus. It's speed rotation is too bad, making fast tanks like a bat-chatillon and leopard 1 a Living nigthmare. However it has good ground resistances, and thats enough to reach it's top speed at almost any environment. 



A Heavy Tank designed for holding a position, the E-100 is really good at facing tanks face to face, with him in a perfect sidescrape, he must wait for the ennemy to shot (if the sidescraping is perfectly done, it will bounce) and then return the shot, the turret must be angled all the time to avoid gold shells. When flanked the tank can struggle to fight back. He must avoid open field at all cost, I dont recommend to begin a push on this tank.


Difficulty: Advanced

Gun: 2.5/5

Armor: 3.5/5

Movility: 2/5

Pros: good alpha damage, good side armor, spaced armor,

Weakness: Huge Weakspots in the armor, gold shells magnet, bad rotation, bad dpm bad accuracy



Even with all the weakness it has, the E-100 can perform really well in the nice scenario, if he's facing tank in front of him, he can easily win. But he must sidescrape perfectly and every shot he fires must pen the ennemy, he must know how to avoid getting flanked, and also to be patient. Is the hardest heavy tank to use, but when used properly, is a beast.

Thoughts? Do you agree? I will read your feedback

War_Vet_1 #2 Posted 27 August 2018 - 12:07 PM

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I really like the short, accurate, and concise synopsis. Well done. +1

__The_Dude_30__ #3 Posted 27 August 2018 - 01:07 PM

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My only disagreement is that the E-100 is certainly not the weakest turret of any tier 10 heavy. both the AMX 50 B and the T57 Heavy have significantly weaker turrets than the E-100. The Maus turret is also 10mm thinner than the E-100's. Besides that, you seem to be pretty spot on.

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__Frostbite #4 Posted 27 August 2018 - 07:01 PM

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The gun is more accurate than you give it credit for, 0.36 isn't too bad. The alpha is definitely worth it. 


The turret is not as easy to pen either. You need 330 mm of pen to go through it on flat ground, and all you really need to do is angle the turret. It has 2300 hit points so it can lots of hits and still out-alpha most Tier IX's and X's, and it has a large mantlet in the front that is unpennable. 


It is as slow as a Churchill VII so that's accurate.


As for armor, I mean c'mon, it's one of the most heavily armored tanks in the game. The Maus, IS-4, and IS-7 are the only ones that can compete for it. It deserves at least a 4/5 for armor.


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A_raellgunawsome #5 Posted 10 June 2019 - 11:00 PM


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Well, you see, the new vk 72 got released. While a bit faster, vk72 is probably harder to use than the e100, there are weakspots on the hull and turret front that can not be angled, so it is harder to not get hit. At least it has a good gun mantlet



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