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A highly-detailed (possibly overdone) analysis of the WZ-120-1G FT Chinese TD...

Chinese Tanks

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sxuone #1 Posted 12 September 2018 - 01:38 PM


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For those of you who don't have time to read everything, these short statements below should suffice. I have also highlighted the most important parts in the analysis:
The WZ-120-1G FT is a good tank. It is an (properly) up-tiered SU-122-44, with almost all of its stats better than the Soviet TD (as far as I know).
Now to get on to the juicy stuff. I will analyze the tank's stats by three main categories (armor, mobility, and armament), and talk about how they might encourage certain playstyles (I will not talk about what to do in each playstyle, just recommend the different methods). In this analysis specifically I will also compare the WZ-120-1G FT with the SU-122-44, since the similarities between the two tanks are blatant. Purchase recommendations of the WZ-120-1G FT are solely based on my opinions.
NOTE: This is an analysis of the tank using ONLY CURRENT IN-GAME stats. Hidden stats like terrain resistance are not factored in (also not known/not released as of now), and some stats might change in the future!
Armor: The armor profile is nearly identical to the SU-122-44's own, but there is slightly more sloping on the front and the armor thickness is increased on the front and sides (120/80 vs. 90/75). Both tanks share a 45mm rear plate. The sloped 120mm plate is better than the T-54's front plate, providing fantastic armor protection at the front for its tier. Tier 7 and some Tier 8 tanks will have literally no chance of penning it even with premium ammunition from the front. ​The cupola is weaker but extremely small in size, and many people will never even notice that it exists. However, there are 2 major weakspots in the armor. One is the WZ-120-1G FT's lower glacis plate, which is only as good as the SU-122-44's own. Another is the ENTIRE rear of the TD's casemate, only 30mm thick across. Most things, even Tier VIIs, will be able to HE pen it, so DO NOT let anything flank the tank!
Mobility: The mobility of the tank is also better than the SU-122-44. In traverse, the WZ-120-1G FT achieves almost 42 degrees of traverse, more than 10% better than the SU-122-44's 36.5 degrees. The WZ-120-1G FT has a top speed of 50 km/h, a tad better than the SU-122-44's 48 km/h. Engine horsepower differs by 80, with the WZ-120-1G FT coming out on top with a 580 HP engine (vs. the SU-122-44's 500 HP engine). This also gives the WZ-120-1G FT a better power-to-weight ratio by almost 1, meaning that it will accelerate faster.
Armament: The WZ-120-1G FT's gun is better than the SU-122-44's gun, and should be a great cannon in battle tiers 7-9. It is a 122mm gun with equal alpha to the SU-122-44's. However, that is as far as similarities go. The rate of fire for the Chinese TD's gun is better (6.39) than the Soviet one (6.08). The aim time is better on the Chinese TD (4.3 vs. 5.1), and so is the dispersion (.345m vs. .393m). The highlight of the Chinese TD is its armor penetration capabilities. While standard rounds have pen quite normal for a Tier VIII TD (248mm), it's HEAT and HE rounds, much like other Chinese tanks around this tier, are something to look at. The HEAT shell has an amazing average penetration of 310mm of armor, which will allow it to go through almost anything (even be overkill in lower tiers) in the tiers it will meet. With calibrated shells, the 310mm becomes 341mm of average pen, which is better than some Tier Xs' premium ammunition (even calibrated, and will make them blush). The HE shells have a penetration of 61mm (buffed to 67 by calibrated). This is higher than the average 122mm, and will allow the WZ-120-1G FT to increase its alpha damage more often with more proper situational use. Last but not least, the gun has classic Soviet-style gun depression of 5 degrees, which should be more workable given the improved mobility and armor.
Possible (Theoretical) Playstyle: The WZ-120-1G FT is a statistically better SU-122-44 TD, a proper adjustment to a tier bump-up. However, the improved capabilities of the tank also give it more flexibility in how to play it. The SU-122-44 is known for having (near) brawling capabilities thanks to its armor, classic Soviet firepower, and traverse. The WZ-120-1G FT will have no trouble becoming a brawler-like TD like the SU-122-44, and can do the job better thanks to its upped stats. The Chinese TD's gun characteristics, however, allows the tank to alternatively play a more passive, but equally dangerous sniper-like role thanks to the gun's significantly increased accuracy and penetration values; the increased rate of fire is a small bonus. To further highlight this alternate playstyle, the WZ-120-1G FT gets 10m more view range (240) than the SU-122-44 and is shorter in height, possibly increasing its camo rating. The increased mobility of the tank will help the tank in both playstyles, helping the vehicle to relocate much better or deal with close enemies faster.
Conclusion: The tank, in my honest opinion, is a good buy IF WG IS WILLING TO SELL IT AT A FAIR PRICE. It has (sometimes more than) enough statistical capabilities to deal with any tank it will meet. To call the tank OP or pay-to-win is debatable, as the tank does have decently better stats than an SU-122-44 but is also up-tiered. I'll let you all decide.
Thanks for reading! Good luck on the battlefield!

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Gladsfur #2 Posted 12 September 2018 - 02:20 PM


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Good review. Thumbs up. 

_Hav0k #3 Posted 12 September 2018 - 03:21 PM

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Probably gonna get nerfed during release. Either way, I don't have the money or the willingness to buy one.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Wombeer #4 Posted 12 September 2018 - 03:45 PM

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Thanks for the analysis. I’d probably buy this for $30-40. WG will likely offer it in three bundles for $40-50. If they keep the current stats, I’ll buy it. Any nerf and it’s a hard pass.

THE_Viajero #5 Posted 12 September 2018 - 10:09 PM


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View PostSpace_Ape_Marksman, on 12 September 2018 - 03:21 PM, said:

I don't have the money or the willingness to buy one.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Same here (but purchasing the Chieftain MK 6 was SO worth it) 

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theFANTASTICfox #6 Posted 12 September 2018 - 10:15 PM


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I looked at this thing in BlitzHangar.


I do not care how much it costs, I am buying it

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This is what BlitzStars is reporting, so I might be reading something incorrectly...


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Warfaming #7 Posted 12 September 2018 - 11:04 PM


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Yeah, knowing Wargaming they will obviously nerf the tank by it's release and it's purchase price would be pretty wonk. 

What ever happened to $5-$10 bundles? How I miss you...

Das 40% ers are big no no


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5150NinjaWJ #8 Posted 17 September 2018 - 05:12 PM

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Thanks for doing this summary. I hope WG will introduce Chinese TD's into the game soon. 

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