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Thoughts on the Scavenger and Gravedigger?

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Biggy_2015 #1 Posted 20 October 2018 - 10:00 AM


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What's everyone's thoughts on the Scavenger and Gravedigger?


The scavenger feels and plays like russian med with it's turret armor and the weakspots aren't too intrusive when it comes to bouncing shots. The 76mm is great on the tank with the 8° of depression compared to the howitzers 6° allowing for more comfortable hulldown positioning but the raw alpha and slightly higher dpm of the howitzer makes it just as viable especially against paper tanks. It's a little on the long side allowing for some shots into the thin side if you aren't in enough cover. Can't be HEd by other scavengers with the howitzer (died a few times trying) but the armor won't hold against larger calibres.


I don't have the gravedigger but from what i've seen the autoloader loads super quick and the front armor is great but the side -much like the scavenger- is huge (derped it enough times). Not sure how the gun depresses or handles though.


The scavenger makes a decent amount of credits even with provisions and consumable use and i'm sure the tankenstein earns much more with cheap ammo and the more than likely high coefficient. So far i'm loving the scavenger and the event and am pretty close to the biogas needed to get tankenstein.

_Sterben_ #2 Posted 20 October 2018 - 11:01 AM

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Scavenger - Has 2 Gun options, one for Support and other for Derp,

not very fast but still mobile for a Tier V, best way I can describe this is 

“Tier 5 AMX-40” which I fun amusing, good Turret and strange hull structure


Gravedigger - I don’t have this yet, but seeing one in Battle and Videos of 

Contributor Members first impression of this Tank is something I want but 

Money reasons, can be grindable for Free but only for those Dedicated 

grinding for Hours, A 6 Clip with 90 Dmg avg is not bad, tho Pentration is

lacking, also this kind of Autoloader is not new since Predator and Van Helsing

already gets that but only difference is both guns can compete more over Gravedigger

Combat wise, really Intimidating when on Tier VII - Tier VI battles, but useless in Tier VIII

ramming is the main key of this Tank, with its Speed of no other HT can match and 

Weight can be fun ramming other Tanks, overall to describe this, its “Van Helsing 2.0”

or “Slim Fit Predator” or “Witness Me Tank” 



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